What Does Your Favorite Character From The Office Say About You?

The Office is full of endless mischief and a lovable cast. Everyone has a certain character that they gravitate toward that reflects themselves in some small way. So what does your favorite Office character say about you?

Michael Scott

You’re a unique individual. You say things without filtering yourself, and your honesty is comforting to a lot of people. The thing that makes you laugh most often is randomness, and things as simple as a funny sound or a nonsensical word can make you burst out laughing.

Jim Halpert

You’ve got a charming sense of humor that brings people together. Sometimes your jokes and pranks get you into trouble, but the laughs are worth it. There’s not a lot that makes you take life too seriously, but you would truly sacrifice anything for the select passions that you do have.

Pam Beasley

Sweet and agreeable, there are not a lot of people that don’t love you. You’re helpful and kind, and you add a fun personable flair to everything you do. But you do have a bit of a feisty side, even if you do keep it well-concealed. When someone messes with the people you care about, they’d better watch out.

Dwight Schrute

You’re dependable and responsible- if a crisis comes, you’re the one everyone can count on. A quick instinct and a knowledgeable mind keep you at the top of your game. Combined with a go-getting attitude, you’re always ready to pursue the next promotion and achieve your next goal. You also have some very eccentric characteristics that make you a bit of an acquired taste.

Angela Martin

Organization and order are your two favorite things in the world. You like to have things just so, and you present yourself in a way that’s classy and respectable. However, despite your refinement, you still have a few quirky surprises up your sleeve. Once you like something, it becomes your greatest passion and you dive in headfirst.

Stanley Hudson

You have a bit of an edge to you. Sass is how you communicate and you’re not afraid to speak your mind- which can make you a bit intimidating. But underneath the attitude, you have a heart of gold. If you’re a part of a bigger cause, you’re loyal until the end.

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