How To Reconnect With An Old Crush On Social Media

You’re scrolling through your social media feed, and you see it- a friend posts a picture with your childhood crush. You wonder what they’ve done with their life, what they’re involved in, where they’re headed. And with all of this curiosity compiling, the age-old question remains:

Do you reach out, or do you stay silent?

If you’re hoping to rekindle an old flame on social media, take these tips into consideration so you can boost your chances of a making successful connection.

Give Them a Follow

The first stepped to getting noticed by an old crush on social media is giving them a follow. When they see your profile pop up in their notifications, who knows what will happen. Maybe they’ll return the favor and follow you back!

Respond To A Post

Break the ice by reacting to things you crush shares on social media. But be particular about how often you respond to their stories and posts. It can come across as desperate if you take every opportunity you have to start a conversation about what they share, and this can potentially overwhelm the other person. In order to show interest without seeming obsessive, try to make your responses short, memorable, and intentional.

Post Common Interests

Are you and your crush both dog people? Do you both love to spend time outdoors? Posting about interests that you share increases the likelihood that they will react to your content. At the very least, it lets them know that you have similarities with one another that they may not have previously known about it. However, be sure that you don’t just post something because you know that it would pique their interest. If you don’t truly enjoy that thing yourself, you might find yourself stuck in a lie when that “similarity” comes up in conversation later.

Message Them Directly

If something you across reminds you of your old crush, don’t be afraid to snap a pic and send it to them. This can start a lighthearted conversation that can help you both get more comfortable talking to each other. If the conversation gains a lot of momentum, you can even offer to exchange phone numbers with each other.

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