FREE Online Cooking Classes That Will Turn You Into a Master Chef

Cooking classes are expensive. You might spend hundreds of dollars learning new techniques, only to find yourself struggling with the application of the lessons that you paid so much money for. So how can you experiment with new recipes and cooking methods without taking a pricey class?


If you’re looking to spice up your time in the kitchen without breaking the bank, check out these programs that will help inspire your creativity and improve your skillset. And the best part? Each course is completely FREE to use!



Whether you’re a hopeful beginner or an experienced home chef, Instructables has resources available for everyone. This program provides lessons for different cooking techniques, including courses on canning food, baking, and bread making. There are comment sections available for each course where users can exchange questions and answers as they try out these techniques for themselves.


In addition to instruction, the website also offers countless creative recipes with step-by-step photo instructions that are easy to use. Users are also encouraged to share their own unique culinary creations, and there is even a course available that shows how to write your own Instructable post to share your recipe with the world!


Kitchn Cooking School

Kitchn Cooking School is a 20-day video course to help you gain more confidence in the kitchen. Each lesson has a different focus- from mastering noodles and cooking meat, to garnishing your food to make it more pleasant to eat. The course also has a few prerequisite videos to watch before starting on the daily lessons designed to ensure that you have the proper tools and knowledge to begin your cooking journey.


But the resources don’t end there. This site also features content about the most worthwhile products at various chain grocery stores, reviews on popular kitchen gadgets, and suggested meal prep plans for different dietary needs. Kitchn grows with you as you improve your culinary skills, and there are resources available for every kind of chef regardless of taste or experience level.


If you’re struggling to whip up a tasty meal, don’t fret! These programs have got you covered. Between the lessons, recipes, networking, and shopping guides you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better chef.

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