Basics of Joining the Black Gold Rush

The Black Gold Rush is a term used to refer to the surge of black people looking to move into the rapidly-growing tech industry. With the digital age having changed the face of our economy and technology having quickly become the lifeblood of many big businesses, tech jobs have become notorious for offering very high […]

Why Billionaires Wake Up at 4:00 AM

In a world where waking up for anything earlier than 7 AM is intolerable , it comes as quite a surprise that many of the world’s wealthiest individuals start their day before 4:00 AM. While it may seem unimaginable to the rest of us, this is actually just one of many secrets billionaires use to […]

Get Organized in Paying Your Bills

Paying bills

Paying bills can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but it’s an important part of managing your finances and maintaining good credit. If you’re tired of feeling disorganized and stressed about paying your bills, it’s time to get organized. Here are some tips for getting organized in paying your bills: Make a list of all […]

4 Most Inspirational Movies Based on True Stories

Movies can be a great source of motivation. Stories of overcomers, underdogs, and survivors help push us to dream bigger and push harder. The best movies stick with you long after the ending credits, and their messages ring through your head as you continue on with daily life. If you’re in need of a dose […]