Best FREE Online Educational Resources

When it comes to education, there’s nothing as effective as individualized learning. One-on-one tutoring is a major asset to any student who intends to excel in their studies, but it comes at a cost. On average, tutors charge between $25-$80 for every hour that they provide this supplemental service. Is there a way to get extra help without breaking the bank?

Online tutoring and educational resources are easily accessible sources of extra instruction. And the best part? It doesn’t cost a dime.

Here are some of the best free online educational resources available so that you can save money on a pricey tutor.

Crash Course

Crash Course is one of the most versatile tutoring resources available for students of all ages. They offer instructional videos in nearly every subject imaginable- including literature, science, psychology, and history. AP Crash Course videos are also available for high school students taking Advanced Placement courses, helping students study for the end-of-the-year AP exam that offers college credit in their undergraduate program. With eye-catching animation and valuable content, it’s well-loved by many students and teachers alike.

Khan Academy

Founded by educator Sal Khan, Khan Academy has become an essential educational tool for math and science courses. Its curriculum is personalized to meet the learning needs of every student that uses this tutoring program, and is trusted by a wide array of K-12 schools as a reliable resource for supplemental education. Khan Academy also offers help to high school students taking big exams that determine their eligibility for college, providing both SAT and AP test preparation courses.

Amoeba Sisters

Amoeba Sisters is a fun, lighthearted science tutoring YouTube channel with plenty of useful content. Because of one of the founder’s backgrounds as a high school biology teacher, they mainly gear toward biology with a highschool difficulty level. The Amoeba Sisters aim to make science humorous and relevant for viewers so that they can learn what is necessary while eliminating the stigma of science being a “boring” subject.


Literature can be a difficult subject for students, but Sparknotes helps to lighten the load by making it easier to read and analyze classic books. With illustrated summaries, historical contexts, and thematic outlines Sparknotes helps students to get more effectively consume high-level literature. It is a perfect resource to use before reading so that advanced writing styles and cultural contexts don’t get in the way of comprehension.

Animated Books

Animated Books brings stories to life by outlining the plots of classic books in a visually enticing way. From William Shakespeare to Charles Dickens, this literature-oriented YouTube channel animates a plethora of stories that often go way over students’ heads upon first reading them. By breaking down the storyline and primary themes of each classic work, students can become much more equipped when faced with tests and discussions on the story’s content by watching these videos.

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