6 Movies With Endings That Will Blow Your Mind

When you’re in need of adrenaline rush, sometimes it’s nice to find your thrill in a good movie. Check out one of these 8 mind-blowing next time you’re looking for a little bit of excitement.


1. The 6th Sense

Cole Sear is a young boy who is haunted by ghosts with unresolved issues in the living realm. The only person who knows his secret is child psychologist Dr. Malcom Crowe, who tries to help him discover why Sear is burdened by this ability. In order to truly take in the ending’s big reveal, you have to at least watch through the movie at least twice.


2. The Truman Show

Truman Burbank’s life is actually a tv set- and he doesn’t know it. Every moment is perfectly orchestrated for televised entertainment because his hold world is artificially produced. But when he begins to discover the truth, he’s forced to face the crossroads of continuing with the familiar facade or pursuing reality.


3. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Michelle wakes up in a bunker with two strangers after surviving a car accident. Howard, the bunker’s owner, claims that a chemical attack that occurred while she was unconscious made the air dangerously poisonous. But what’s the truth about the state of the outside world, and who can Michelle really trust?


4. Inception

Dom Cobb has a unique skill- he can enter people’s dreams and discover their secrets. His skillset has made him extremely valuable, and he is challenged with the task of planting an idea in another person’s mind. The layers of dreams, consciousness, and self-awareness are sure to put your mind in a twist.


5. Saw

Two men, oncologist Lawrence Gorden and photographer Adam Stanheight, regain consciousness while in chains. After realizing that they’ve been kidnapped by a serial killer by the name of Jigsaw, they must complete disturbing puzzles in order to survive. But they don’t know where they are, why they were kidnapped, or who Jigsaw really is.


6. The Book of Eli

Eli is a lone traveler who carries the only hope for humanity in a ruined, post-apocalyptic world. There’s another man who’s aware of the power of Eli’s cargo, and he’s determined to take it for himself. But what is he carrying, and how can it restore the broken world he lives in?

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