5 Apps to Organize Your Life

Let’s be honest- life is messy. To-do lists are neverending and new tasks continually come up. So how do you keep it all together?


Let technology come to your rescue! Check out these 5 apps that can help you get your life organized.


1. Google Keep

Google Keep is a basic to-do list connected to your Gmail account. You can take notes if you have an idea or task that you need to come back to later. In addition to note-taking, you can also set reminders for yourself to revisit a task at a later time. Every note made is customizable for easy access and color-coded organization. If there is a group project that needs to be done, it’s also possible to add collaborators to the note or reminder. For the busybody with the long to-do list, Google Keep is a must.


2. Todoist

Todoist is a task manager app geared toward people with a long list of projects to manage. It’s very user friendly, allowing you to categorize projects and filter through tasks in a color-coded manner. One of the unique features of Todoist is that it analyzes your productivity. You’re able to access graphs and charts that show you what categories you’ve been most productive in as of late. A premium option is available for just $3 a month, which is especially useful for business owners or project leaders with several teams under their supervision.


3. Habit List

Habit List is a lifestyle app that helps you to set goals and turn them into regular habits. Whether you need to drink more water, take some time to meditate, or walk the dog more often this app has got you covered. You can receive timed notifications to remind you of the goals you set at whatever frequency you’d like. Statistics are also available to compare your productivity, as well as a calendar that holds your to-do list for each day.


4. Trello

Trello is a collaborative organization app that helps to bring more efficient communication and project management to working teams. This app is used by bigtime companies such as Google, Bose, Pinterest, and many more. These administrative tools have advanced security features so that the data shared between team members can remain safe. Notable features include checklists, calendars, voting, and due date commands. An additional business class upgrade is available as a paid option, providing users with more advanced privacy settings, team observance, and external app integration.


5. Evernote

Evernote is perhaps the most versatile of these organizational apps. It’s compatible with voice commands such as Google and Siri, making digital administration much more convenient. However, this app is not merely limited to list-making. Evernote can serve as the central location of your notes, documents, photos, and voice memos. Instead of scattering your information between 5 different apps, you can organize all of the files you need for a project all in one place.

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