4 TV Shows That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

If unnerving jump scares and spine-tingling stories are your ideal components of a worthwhile show, you’re not alone. So many popular shows that take on themes of gloom and gore, exploring taboo topics that intrigue the dark side of people’s imaginations. Here are a few hair-raising tv shows that are a must-watch if you’re in the mood for a chilling thrill.

1. American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a highly rated show that’s amassed quite a collection of awards. Each season has a distinct storyline that makes it uniquely eery. The first season orients around a family living in a haunted house, the second tells of a man in an insane asylum who is convicted of murder, and the third is about a coven of witches.

2. Stranger Things

Set in a small Indiana town in the 80s, Stranger Things tells about the supernatural events surrounding the disappearance of a young resident and the psychokinetic powers of a young girl named Eleven. The show features terrifying monsters, suspenseful mysteries, superhuman abilities, and journeys into the mind-twisting realm of the Upside Down. Three seasons are currently available to watch, with a fourth still in production.

3. Supernatural

Supernatural tells the story of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester in their pursuit of supernatural creatures that wreak havoc on humanity. This hunt of daunting monsters, demons, and fallen gods is a family business of sorts. After their father dies, they set out to finish his crusade and save innocent people from the evil plots of the paranormal. Fifteen seasons are available to watch, making it easy to binge-watch.

4. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead explores the destruction and rebuilding of a post-apocalyptic world affected by a zombie outbreak. Following the story of sheriff Rick Grimes and the survivors he encounters, the show reveals the terrors of human nature when forced into a state of desperation. You won’t know which is more terrifying- the undead that roam in search of their next human meal, or the survivors that will fight to the death to live another day.

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