4 FREE Apps to Help You Learn a New Hobby

The best way to use free time productively is by finding a hobby. But how do you find the one you’re truly passionate about so you can dive into learning?

If you’re looking to try something new, try using any of these free apps to help you grow the versatility of your skillset.

1. Duolingo

One of the most productive hobbies you can pick up is learning a new language, improving your cognitive skills and giving you a leg up in your career. Duolingo knows these benefits, and this free app was created to be user-friendly so that you can learn a new language without fear or intimidation.

Duolingo keeps you motivated with a rewards system, and helps you check your answers quickly with immediate feedback. The pacing of your learning is personalized to your needs, and the lesson plans provided by the app adapt to your individual learning style.

2. SketchAR

Learning how to draw can be a real pain. Without a lot of practice or experience, it can be hard to draw an image freehand without any guidelines. This is where Sketchar comes in!

Sketchar uses your smartphone to provide a virtual template on your canvas of choice. You can trace this template using your camera on your phone and learn how to sketch more complex images.

3. Yousician

Is there a song that you’ve always wanted to play but never knew how to start learning? An instrument that’s on your bucket list to master? Yousician is an easy and entertaining way to learn more about your instrument of choice.

Over 1,500 songs, lessons, and exercises are available on Yousician. You can also get instant feedback from the app about your musical progress, all without the hassle of extra recording equipment.

4. Hobify

The best way to learn new skills is by learning from other people! And sharing these skills can be a great way to build community, experience new things, and even make some extra cash. Hobify encourages this connection by connecting users with similar hobbyists in their area.

Hobify members can choose between five major categories of hobbies- social work, arts and crafts, lifestyle, culture, and sports. You can hire locals to help you explore whatever categories you wish to discover more about, and if you’re an expert in any area you can make some extra cash yourself!

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