Trade Jobs that Can Make 6 Figures

He is skilled at his trade!

When it comes to well-paying jobs, people often think of highly-skilled occupations that require an advanced degree. However, there are a number of trade jobs that can earn a worker a six-figure salary. From plumbers to aircraft mechanics, there are a variety of well-paid trade jobs across sectors and industries. With an appropriate education, a person can enter these trades and enjoy the financial security of six-figure salaries. In this day and age, when good jobs can be hard to come by, learning a trade and finding a way to make a six-figure salary is a great option. This article will detail some of the most lucrative trade jobs that can make a six-figure salary and discuss what it takes to get into these jobs.


Plumbers are responsible for the installation and repair of water and gas pipes, fixtures and appliances. They may also be responsible for unclogging drains and making sure that the systems are working properly. As with many trade jobs, plumbers are in high demand and often have a full roster of calls to keep them busy. Highly skilled plumbers with years of experience in the trade can make in excess of $100,000. To become a plumber will require a journeyman’s license, which means passing an evaluation and having the right coursework and experience.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and technicians are responsible for the maintenance and repair of commercial and residential buildings’ climate systems. These systems are mainly responsible for the temperature, humidity, and air quality in a particular space. As buildings become more complex and the technology advances, HVAC technicians are increasingly in demand. To enter the world of HVAC, one must be certified and hold a journeyman’s license. An experienced HVAC technician can earn in excess of $100,000.


Electricians are responsible for the installation and repair of electrical systems, including wiring, cables and wiring systems. As structures become ever more advanced and reliant on electricity, electricians are in high demand. Like other trade jobs, electricians require a journeyman’s license and must pass a hands-on evaluation. Experienced electricians may earn more than $100,000 per year, depending on the size of the job and the complexity of the work. The demand for electricians is only expected to increase in the coming years as technology advances and homes become smarter and more reliant on electricity.

Aircraft Mechanics

Aircraft mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and repair of aircraft. They are often highly trained and certified in the field of mechanics and may specialize in either airframe mechanics or powerplant mechanics. Aircraft mechanics are in great demand, and a highly-skilled technician with the right experience can easily command six figures. To become an aircraft mechanic will require a journeyman’s license, as well as specialized knowledge and hands-on experience.

Computer Software Engineers

Computer software engineers design, develop and modify software for computers, networks and other devices. They may create user interfaces, design algorithms and find solutions to technical problems. As the world moves further into the digital age, software engineers are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after and in-demand workers in the world. To become a computer software engineer , a person must have a post-secondary degree in the field, as well as extensive coursework and hands-on experience. Experienced software engineers with the right skillsets can make well in excess of $100,000.


Welders are responsible for joining two or more items into a single piece. There are many different types of welding, including arc, oxy-acetylene and MIG welding. Skilled welders are in high demand in many industries, from construction to oil and gas. To become a welder , a person must hold a journeyman’s license and have completed the requisite coursework. Experienced welders may earn more than $100,000 per year, depending on the type of work and the employer.

Construction Worker

Construction workers are responsible for a variety of activities related to new building construction, from demolition to installation, framing, and drywalling to masonry, carpentry, and plumbing. Depending on the exact nature of the work and the project, those working in construction may need to possess the skills and training needed to do the job, as well as experience with operating a variety of equipment from power tools to cranes and more.

The demand for skilled labor in the construction industry has been steadily rising, offering the potential for six-figure salaries to those who possess the right skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for construction workers was $37,100 in 2019, but the top 10% of earners made more than $79,540 per year.

Final Thought

Trade jobs are often overlooked when considering well-paying occupations. However, there are a number of jobs in the trades that can make six figures a year. From plumbers to aircraft mechanics, there are a wide variety of options for those looking to make a six-figure salary. With the right training and experience, a person can enter these lucrative professions and enjoy financial security. In the ever-changing job market, these well-paying trade jobs should be given serious consideration.