The Must-Have Widget Apps For The IOS 14 Update

When the IOS 14 update was released, everyone was stoked for one thing- widgets. Until now, Apple users have been deprived of the convenience and customization of these widgets. Since this update, Apple lovers have spent countless hours putting together the perfect home screen that suits their personal needs.

What do you need to do in order to make the most of these widgets? Here are some must-have applications that will help you with your device customization.


Widgetsmith is currently the #1 Productivity app in the app store, and is one of the most used personalization tools for people with a distinct aesthetic. You can select the color and size for each home screen widget you incorporate into your theme, even using photos from your camera roll. With Widgetsmith, the possibilities are endless! It’s easy to get lost in the countless ways you can arrange your apps, create shortcuts, and add a personal touch to every page of your home screen.

Glimpse 2

This is a unique app that specializes in web widgets. With Glimpse 2, you can save the desired tab of your browser onto your home screen for easy access. You don’t have to worry about losing track of an important site amidst a sea of open tabs. Instead, you can use this shortcut to save time and stay organized.

Dark Noise

Dark Noise makes it convenient to turn on background noise for any situation. Whether you need white noise to help you sleep or you need some extra sound to create a focused environment while you work, this app has plenty to choose from. You can access the app through a variety of home screen widget options, and if you don’t want it to take up screen real estate you can place the widget in your notification bar.


If you need a little bit of verbal encouragement to keep you going throughout the day, Motivation is the perfect app for you. The app features several customizable widget options so that you can keep motivational quotes wherever you look most often. You can also receive encouraging reminders through customizable notifications and inspiring backgrounds.


Steve is the perfect widget to add a bit of quirky fun to your screen. Based on the dinosaur game that Google offers when wifi is unavailable, Steve is an entertaining way to pass the time while you’re waiting for an email or a text. It’s located in the notification menu of your iPhone, making it easy to access without taking up space on your home screen.

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