4 TV Shows That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

If unnerving jump scares and spine-tingling stories are your ideal components of a worthwhile show, you’re not alone. So many popular shows that take on themes of gloom and gore, exploring taboo topics that intrigue the dark side of people’s imaginations. Here are a few hair-raising tv shows that are a must-watch if you’re in […]

What Does Your Favorite Character From The Office Say About You?

The Office is full of endless mischief and a lovable cast. Everyone has a certain character that they gravitate toward that reflects themselves in some small way. So what does your favorite Office character say about you? Michael Scott You’re a unique individual. You say things without filtering yourself, and your honesty is comforting to […]

4 Shows That You Can’t Help But Binge

Surveys suggest that binging tv series is actually a preferred way of watching television. 60% of respondents between 18 and 45 reported that they rather have episodes of their favorite show released all at once. But how do you know which shows are worth watching? Here are 4 well-loved shows that will have you glued […]

4 Best TV Shows to Watch After a Long Day of Work

Everyone loves to indulge in a little bit of mindless entertainment. After a day of hard work, getting lost in a fantasy world full of crazy adventures is the best way to escape. But what shows are the best ones to watch when you want to relax and unwind? Check out one of these five […]