5 Games that Sharpen Your Brain

Are you a bit forgetful? The occasional memory lapse is common, but sometimes we need some extra help to get our brain functioning up to par.


If you’re in need of a little cognitive support, check out these 5 apps that can help you perform at your best.


1. Peak

Peak is like a workout for your brain. It features games that challenge your critical thinking, memory, and language skills. In order to encourage ideal brain activity, Peak is meant to be used for just 10 minutes each day. The games vary in their category and gradually increase in difficulty so that you can your brainpower can be stretched in new, stimulating ways. You can customize your experience by choosing your area of focus, and even receive analytical reports that track your progress.


2. Fit Brain

Fit Brain targets your overall cognitive function with the brain games it offers. It helps you sharpen your memory, visualization, concentration, logic, and intelligence by putting a unique spin on the infamous matching game. Different subtypes of this matching game focus on different aspects of your ability to recognize patterns and calculate quickly. You can also track your progress, the app formulates graphs that show you your improvement in each level of game difficulty.


3. Elevate

With customizable training and more than 35 games to choose from, Elevate is a well-known and widely loved cognitive training tool. Categories of learning include a wide variety of practical skills such as writing, listening, speaking, reading, and math. Elevate provides performance analytics for self-reflection, tracking your performance as well as comparing the results to other users. It was also dubbed Apple’s app of the year and is highly rated by users.


4. Luminosity

Luminosity was created by both scientists and game developers, creating an ideal balance between an educational and entertaining experience. The app helps to establish a baseline of your cognitive skillset so that you can form more effective goals through the brain workouts provided. There are more than 60 games available to play, and each one adapts to your skill level as it improves with further usage. Training history is provided, and you have access to charts, graphs, and a calendar that help you to keep track of your progress over time.


5. Eidetic

Eidetic is a unique memory app that can be personalized to help you memorize important information such as phone numbers, word definitions, or statistical facts. It is centered around a learning technique called spaced repetition. This tactic utilizes the spacing effect to store information into long-term memory by strategically increasing the intervals of time between each review of the content being learned. It reports what stage of memorization you are in for each subject you’re learning, and is flexible enough to be used on an as-needed basis.

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