5 Apps That Will Help You Network Like a Pro

Statistics show that 70% of people get a job because they have preexisting connections to the company. Opportunities often come from the people you know, so it’s important to know people that will give you better opportunities.

If you’re looking to expand your circles and advance in your career, check out these 5 apps that will help you to meet more professionals like yourself.

1. LinkedIn

This app is an essential networking tool. LinkedIn allows you to create a public profile that shares a little bit about you, your passions, and your work experience. You can look and apply for new employment with your account, and there are thousands of job opportunities available. Joining LinkedIn also gives you access to connect with other users and expand your network.

2. Shapr

Shapr is sort of like the Tinder of networking apps. You can swipe left or right through other profiles to build a network of people that you think would be beneficial to know. Mutual interest is required in order to message one another, so there’s no worry about filtering through messages that would be irrelevant to your career goals.

3. Invitly

You can grow your network, receive mentorship, and attend local events all from the same app! Invitly is here to help you advance in your career by connecting you to other professionals in more ways than one. Its a community is only accessible to members so that you don’t get bothered by unwanted spam.

4. Bumble Bizz

Bumble Bizz is an offshoot of the popular dating app Bumble, meant to help you meet local professionals more easily. You have to match with another user in order to converse with them, so you’re only connecting with people that you have a mutual interest in. The opportunities that can come from this app are endless- you never know what a simple conversation or coffee meeting can do for your career!

5. 1 Million Cups

1 Million Cups is perfect for the hustling entrepreneur. Its mission is to connect members to an expansive professional community of fellow entrepreneurs. Events are scheduled regularly and there are continual opportunities for users to connect at conferences.

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